Solutionix DS3

Solutionix DS3 is the perfect solution for digitizing very small, intricately detailed objects. The fully automated scanning system provides the most precise and accurate data to users.

  • 1.3 MP cameras, Blue LED

  • Measuring area 120mm

  • Point spacing 0.065mm

  • Interface USB 3.0 B type 

  • 5.0 MP cameras, Blue LED 

  • Measuring area 50 / 120mm

  • Point spacing 0.017 / 0.035mm

  • Interface USB 2.0 / IEEE-1394 


Maximum Precision, Accuracy, & Reliability

We understand that your business depends upon meticulous attention to detail and unerring exactitude. Here at Solutionix we have made it our mission to incorporate dependability and reliability into each one of our scanners. Whether you are scanning an old heirloom, a precious gem, or a ring the DS3 can fulfil your needs. With the DS3 we guarantee an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy.

DS3 scan accuracy is regularly tested at ±10μm with a standard deviation of only ±2μm - ensuring high quality scans every time. Also, our standard blue light and structured light scan technology will continue to yield the results your team deserves.


Simplify Your Workflow

Hi-Quality, Hi-Speed 3D Measuring for Jewelry.jpg

DS3 scans your objects quickly and easily

Rest assured manual measurements and accurate replications with the DS3 produces 3D images that are consistently accurate. Save time by quickly translating any piece of small jewelry into CAD/CAM data for modification, mold & tool making, and 3D printing. Also, all scan data is saved in an open STL format, giving you the choice to work with whatever software you choose.


How Can The Solutionix DS3 Benefit Your Business?


Solutionix seeks to differentiate itself not only by providing the very highest quality scanners but also by maximizing value for customers. We have a strong desire to meet and exceed the varying requirements of individual clients using features such as our advanced scanning system inside the DS3 to minimize workplace stress and improve productivity. 

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