Solutionix D500

Solutionix D500 is a professional 3D scanner system specifically designed to scan small objects with complex shapes that require fine details to be scanned with utmost precision.

  • 2.0 MP cameras, Blue LED

  • Measuring area 120mm

  • Point spacing 0.056mm

  • Interface USB 3.0 B type 

solutionix d500

Hi-Speed, Hi-Quality 3D Scanning for Small Objects


Solutionix D500 is a fully automated tool specifically designed to scan small models. The technical specifications of the D500 are calibrated to meet the high level of detail required by both industrial and non-industrial users in various applications ranging from jewelry to cultural artifacts.


Scanning Small Objects

Hi-Speed, Hi-Quality 3D Scanning for Small Objects.jpg

  Position the object and start the scanning process

The object is automatically scanned from multiple angles to capture the entire profile of complex shapes. At the end of the procedure a triangle mesh is created that can be effortlessly imported to CAD/CAM systems.


Advanced Precise Color Texture

Advanced Precise Color Texture

The latest technology captures vivid color texture in scan data without the need for an additional color camera. Users can select the data processing method depending on the color of the object to be scanned.


New API for Customized Integration

The API provided by Solutionix can control D500 and process its scan data. Furthermore, it is possible to make bespoke scan application programs using various software and plug-ins.

New API for Customized Integration.png


Simple, Smart, Powerful

Solutionix C500 has three different sensors each with a unique measuring area. The sensors are easily interchangeable and have a range from 90mm to 500mm.