How to create a duplicate denture

How to create a duplicate denture

Replicate existing dentures to archive them or create a surgical or radiographic guide, with fast, accurate...

How to scan a Post & Core

How to scan a Post & Core

How to scan a Post & Core indication in colLab software.In order to scan you have to select the veneer indication...


Flexible multi-die 16

Existing multi-dies can scan 8 dies. To improve productivity, our exclusive Flexible multi-die has been redesigned to double capacity up to 16 dies.

Wax-up bottom surface scanning

Optimized functionality with wax-up bottom scanning allows you to scan both the extrados and the intrados of a wax-up to perfectly copy the pontic area for much more accurate design


Calibration at anytime

The new calibration UI in colLab 2017 lets you easily check calibration status at any time. Also, schedule calibration reminders to maintain optimum accuracy in your lab.

Interproximal area scan for orthodontics

Capture important interproximal areas with colLab software and an Identica scanner.


Exporting implant position file

Independent implant position detection functionality ensures correct placement of implants. Due to this function, various CAD programs and implant positions can be linked.

Flip the occlusion scan data

The new feature “Flip Occlusion” will give you more freedom when scanning the occlusal up-side down by reversing the occlusion to its standard orientation