Impression Scan and Stump Feature: 3 Axis Arm Accessory


As a dental professional today, you have some very high-tech tools to improve efficiency while delighting patients. By using 3D scanning software, labs can directly download virtual impressions to their milling units that produce the CAD/CAM restorations, like crowns. This eliminates stone model work, distortion issues and bubbles, resulting in better accuracy with limited remakes and restorations that fit better without lots of adjustments. All of this means big cost savings for both the lab and the dental office, and, by extension, for patients as well through the use of digital dental scanners.


3 Axis Arm: 3D Dental Scanner

Medit Company, with the Identica dental scanner line, is now offering a true 3D impression scanner via the use of the 3 Axis Arm accessory that lets users complete a fully automated, double-sided impression scan. This allows for great accuracy and precision of the stump to get a great fit without using and wasting impression materials.


Impression Scan and Stump Video


This video presents the impression scan and stump feature of the 3D scanner so that you can see how to scan a single gypsum die and a triple-tray impression. This combines the convenience of digital impression scanning with the accuracy of stone model scanning. It also shows you how to use the best scanning software you will find for dental impressions.


Inputting the correct settings for the model you need to scan is important, so you will refer to teeth setting. This will show choices like implant type, pre-op scan, gingiva scan, occlusion type, etc. Choose the correct settings and click on the "Save and Scan" button to start your impression.

The scanner will automatically proceed to "Scan strategy setting." You will choose double-sided impression, use 3 axis arm, scan individual stump die, then click confirm to move on to the next step, which is Scan. Once the scanning of the upper or lower jaw is finished, click Next and proceed to the next stage. You will need to select the position of the preparation tooth on the impression. Next, fasten the preparation tooth on the multi-die and begin to scan. Finally, you will ensure the alignment of the preparation tooth and the impression is successful and edit if needed.

Utilizing the 3 axis arm accessory for the Identica equipment will save you time and money in your dental practice while ensuring the perfect fit for your patients' restorations.