Design Transformation & Modification


There are times when it is required to adjust the size or transform the shape of existing model to create a new product. Conventional method is to cut or paste the wax model but it’s impossible to create products with different sizes.   

On the other hand, using 3D scanner enables digitization of the existing product - users can easily transform, modify, and change sizes without limitations. Another substantial advantage is that it preserves the original product. Let’s take a look at how it is done.




The wax skull ring (Picture 1) is scanned with Rexcan DS3 (Picture 2). Scan quality is high enough to be used as is, but the wax model itself has become unbalanced due to many years since its production. 

Now we will use 3D scanner to trim the shape and refine the overall balance. 


 ① As you can see in Picture 3 there is one teeth missing, so we've added a tooth. 


 ② There you can see an imbalance on the chin joint, left side hanging a little bit lower than the right side. We've fixed this issue through modeling and the whole process went smooth with the use of 3D scanner.